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Last Updated: 13/3/24.

1. Definitions

1.1 "Resource Management and Limiting Software": Server-side software monitoring resources to ensure operation within set limits.

1.2 "Monthly Downtime": Calculated over a 31-day month.

1.3 "Client Service": The relationship between and the Client, aimed at assisting with queries.

1.4 "Client" or "Customer": The individual or entity who ordered our services.

1.5 "Service" or "Services": Any product(s) or service(s) the Client has signed up for, including but not limited to hosting, domain registration, SSL, and other related services.

1.6 "SLA": Service Level Agreement (this agreement).

1.7 "Us" or "We":

1.8 "Management System": Our client account, billing, and management portal available at

1.9 "Support Ticket": A secure electronic message sent by the Client to us via the Management System for assistance.

1.10 "Website Availability": The percentage of time in a calendar month that the Service was available for access by third parties by HTTP (port 80) and/or HTTPS (port 443), as determined by our internal and external monitoring.

2. Our Goal

2.1 Our goal is to achieve 100% Website Availability for all Clients.

2.2 We maintain a fully redundant network, utilizing enterprise-grade hardware and technical implementations to achieve uptime goals.

3. Remedy

3.1 We will issue an account credit to the Client if the Website Availability of the Service is less than 100%, subject to the following conditions:

Website Availability Monthly Downtime Credit Percentage
100% to 99.5% Up to 3 hours 43 minutes 0%
99.5% to 98% Between 3 hours 44 minutes and 14 hours and 52 minutes 15%
98% to 95% Between 14 hours and 53 minutes and 37 hours and 12 minutes 30%
95% to 90% Between 37 hours and 13 minutes and 74 hours and 24 minutes 65%
Less than 90% More than 74 hours 25 minutes 100%


3.2 The credit amount will be calculated on the monthly Service fee minus any discounts applied.

3.3 Clients will be notified via email in the event of a credit being available, which must be claimed by opening a support ticket via the Management System.

4. Exceptions

4.1 No remedy will be provided if Website Availability is reduced due to circumstances beyond's reasonable control, as outlined in this section.

4.2 Scheduled maintenance or upgrades and emergency maintenance or upgrades as per Section 5.

4.3 DNS propagation issues outside our control or issues related to upstream networks or service providers.

4.4 Issues with specific services like FTP, email, or webmail.

4.5 Acts or omissions by the Client or others engaged by them.

4.6 Resource Management and Limiting Software making the Service unavailable due to excessive resource consumption.

4.7 Email or webmail delivery and transmission issues.

4.8 Outages elsewhere on the internet or browser caching issues.

5. Maintenance

5.1 Scheduled maintenance will be posted at least two (2) days prior if it requires any Service(s) to be offline for more than thirty (60) minutes.

5.2 If possible, unscheduled maintenance updates will be posted until completion if any Service(s) are offline for more than thirty (60) minutes.

6. Acceptance

6.1 Acceptance of this Service Level Agreement is signified upon signing up with us and creating an account in the Management System.

7. Changes

7.1 We may amend this Service Level Agreement at any time. Changes will be effective upon publication to our website.

7.2 Continued use of the Service(s) constitutes acceptance of the amended terms. Users may request cancellation if they do not wish to accept the changes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any part of this document please contact us.

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